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Köln ([kœln]; Kölsch: Kölle) is, in terms of population, the fourth largest city in Germany and the largest city of the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is best known for its Cathedral, its uniquely brewed Kölsch beer, the original Eau de Cologne, and its celebration of Carnival and Christopher Street Day.
It is one of the most important German inland ports, and considered to be the economic, cultural, and historic capital of the Rhineland. It is the 16th largest city in the European Union. In June 2005, Cologne's population was 975,907, using the standard method of only counting persons whose primary residence (German: Hauptwohnsitz) was in the city. The City of Cologne includes those with non-primary residences (German: Nebenwohnsitz) in its figure, raising it to 1,022,627 (31 December 2004).
Its location at the intersection of the river Rhine (German: Rhein) with one of the major trade routes between eastern and western Europe was the basis of Cologne's commercial importance. In the Middle Ages it also became an ecclesiastical centre of significance and an important centre of arts and education. Cologne was devastated by Allied air raids the Allies during World War II, by the end of which 99% of Cologne's Jewish population had been annihilated.

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